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Galaxy First Class Cruise

M/Y Galaxy
First Class Cruise

A renewed atmosphere. For those who enjoy adventure freely, with personalized service.

EcoGalaxy First Class Cruise

M/C EcoGalaxy
First Class Cruise

A concept of innovation that contributes to take care and protect the beauty of Galapagos Islands.

Alya Luxury Cruise

M/C Alya
Luxury Class Cruise 

Known as “The Jewel of Galapagos” due to its unique and exclusive design.

Bonita Yacht, Tourist Superior Class

M/Y Bonita
Tourist Superior

A bit of exclusivity and comfort in a magical journey throughout the Galapagos Islands.

Galagents Operator Cruise


Meet us at the next international tourism conventions.


GALAGENTS is a company which emerges from the town of Galapagos to show to the travellers of the world the beauty of the islands, protecting them and developing sustainable tourism.

Experience onboard our cruises

Thousands of happy passengers 

Enjoying the adventure with comfort, safety and the intimacy of small groups.

Amazing activities in Galapagos

Hundreds of amazing expeditions

Trough significant activities lead by the best naturalist guides in small groups

The best services onboard

Over 50000 sailed miles protecting Galapagos

Offering safety, high quality service, protecting the environment and beauty of the Galapagos.


GALAGENTS has been rewarded with local commendations such as the “Galapagos Quality”, and international awards for our ships, namely “Smart Planet” and “Smart Voyager”.


Middle of the world - Ecuador

Quito´s Old Town & Middle of the world

Discover  Quito, the city that "touches the sky" for being elevated at 2,800 metres above sea level, which makes it the highest official capital city in the World. 

Galapagos Island Hopping

Galapagos Island Hopping

Our tours allows you to explore the Galapagos Island by doing the activities at your own pace. This is an excellent option for active and adventurous travelers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Travel in train Ecuador

Cuenca Highlands

The city of Cuenca is the third most important city of Ecuador.

It is synonymous of culture and heritage, elements that added to the warmth of its people.

Jungle Ecuador

Ecuador Amazon

Get in touch with nature like never before!
Visiting the Rainforest in 3 days/ 2 nights will let you get connected with the distinct sounds of the nature you must to heard and feel.


We engage with all of our stakeholders, including local communities
and government to promote and develop a sustainable tourism in Galapagos.

Protected areas policy

Limiting the size of their groups, or dividing large groups into smaller ones when visiting
protected areas. 

Conscious experience

Providing customers guidelines on how to avoid negative impacts while visiting sensitive
areas, maintaining appropriate
distances from wildlife, staying on trails to avoid trampling plants or causing erosion.

Contributing to sustainable tourism

As local tour operator

Making financial contributions to conservation and development project,  with participation of the Galapagos´s Community.

Develop the community

Integrating sustainability principles into the selection criteria and service agreements of our  suppliers, and choosing locally owned and operated suppliers.


Galagents Operator Cruise