This time we are not going to refer to the price of a trip to this wonderful place, but on the contrary, we will refer to the true value of the Galapagos Islands and the importance of them in the world.

Bellow, we invite you to continue reading this post and discover “the true value of the Galapagos Islands”, from our point of view as experts in this dazzling natural and tourist destination in the world.

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In this beautiful archipelago of volcanic origin located 1000 km from the Ecuadorian coast there is great biodiversity, that is, there is a great variety of life, which includes plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, in short, a large number of species that are unique in the world, as you will not be able to find them anywhere else.

However, the true value of the Galapagos biodiversity lies in the conservation of its endemic species, which you will be able to admire if you decide to visit this beautiful place, declared a Natural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, on September 8, 1978.

baby Galapagos sea lion

It is important to mention that this amazing place is known around the world as the natural laboratory of the world” that inspired the naturalist Charles Darwin and helped him conclude his famous “Theory of Evolution” that was published in 1859.


Worldwide, Galapagos has been recognized as one of the best-preserved volcanic archipelagos in the world, since 95% of the originally registered species are kept in a good state of conservation. With its 7,970 square kilometers of land area and 138,000 square kilometers of its marine reserve, the enchanted islands are home to more than 7 thousand endemic and native species.

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In conclusion, the Galapagos Islands are a magical destination to learn and know more about the origin of life, and how has evolved over millions of years. Educational tourism and scientific expeditions are one of the strongest points of this wonderful place.

Without a doubt, a cruise tour through the most famous archipelago in the world is the best way to explore, discover, and recognize the true value of the Galapagos Islands.


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