Traveling in a cruiser is a privilege for a select group and a unique experience in life. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, a lot of false and irresponsible information emerged that set off the alarm. 

Official sources of medications such as the WHO (World Health Organization) report that the coronavirus primarily affects people with a serious history of respiratory problems.

  • According to the WHO, the most effective way to avoid contagion is to wash your hands with soap and water.
  • WHO has not issued any travel restrictions.
  • The virus is deactivated from surfaces using alcohol.
  • The virus causes no symptoms or is mild in 80% of cases.
  • There are 13 times more cured patients than mortals
  • Children under 14 are almost immune to the new coronavirus.

In Galapagos, are cruises safe?

The cruise ships have implemented more prevention measures than other tourist destinations. Due to the conditions of the ships, prevention measures have been implemented, such as temperature regulation for the crew and passengers. Galapagos Islands guarantees the safety of passengers with the restriction of people coming from countries with higher coronavirus costs. They also maintain constant communication with health entities and carry out controls in each port in Galapagos.

The number of infected people in Galapagos is zero.

Fear should not stop a trip to Galapagos

Fear and misinformation is the worst enemy at the time of a health problem. The coronavirus has generated alarm for the bad information spread. According to several studies this virus is weaker than the flu. 


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