According to the data of Galapagos National Park, there are an average of 90 cruises including small and big ships. In 2019, 271.238 tourists visited the Islands, of which 80% chose to travel by cruise. The Cruise Lines have capacity to carry a large number or guest, in the other hand, there are smaller cruises, because they have a capacity to carry 16 guests, which is the maximum number of visitors that a National Park Guide can authorize because its type of operation requirements produce CO2 emissions and are more versatile for landing in places.

A perfect example of these ships is the Galagents fleet: M/C Alya  M/Y Bonita, M/Y Galaxy and M/C EcoGalaxy, in addition to offering comfort and quality of service, they offer an incomparable experience.




Comparative table between a Small Cruises and Ships of Cruise Lines.

Small Cruises

Cruise Line

1 Competitive prices, Galagents Cruises has an average price of $3000. Prices are usually higher
2 Selection of highly qualified personnel with specific knowledge of the area. The staff is not from the area, so they lack specific information about the destination.
3 Majority of our crew members are from Galapagos, so they are experts in this destination. The number of passengers varies from 50 to 100, therefore, the service is not personalized.
4 The menu suits each client (Celiac, Vegan, and Vegetarian food are served options) The menu is standard and sometimes lacks variety.
5 Agile communication with the guest The attention is usually through intermediaries on charge.
6 Timely solution to any passenger requirement There is no immediacy
7 Benefits for customer special dates (themed decoration in the cabin for a birthday, wedding, or any anniversary) The cabins are standard
8 You have the privilege of choosing the best cabin (Especially in Early Birds Promotions) You can select the cabin considering that all are similar
9 Personalized activities where schedule adjustments can be made according to weather conditions and guest capabilities The coordination in activities is scheduled for groups due to the number of passengers
10 They can enter any area of Galapagos because they comply with the rules of the National Park for anchored in selected and protected areas. Not allowed to enter all areas of Galapagos due to requirements for anchored
11 The small ships are great for making new friends and getting to know the crew and guide. Galagents cruises offer the best social areas for this purpose. With so many passengers, the cleaning and waste generated level is higher
12 They manage the logistics of the cruisers: food quality control and the acquisition of first-line inputs


We hope this information can be helpfull to guide your traveler to the Galapagos Islands in order to choose better their cruise experience.