Among many of the new trends in the travel industry, this 2022 brought us one that we haven’t discussed yet, and that’s Pin Drop Travel. 

The pandemic helped us reconnect with ourselves and our surroundings, as we mentioned before. Hence, that forced stop, which also exacerbated our stress and fears, pushed us to seek tranquility, which pin drop is all about

Keep reading and discover more about this travel concept that can be part of your catalog and fulfill travelers’ needs to reconnect with their inner self and surroundings. 

What Pin Drop Travel is all about

Sometimes we need to stop, breathe, and look around to live and feel the present in an unsteady way of life. That’s why people nowadays have that necessity to be in a place so calm that they could even hear a pin drop

For example, a trip to Zanzibar where travelers can live in the seclusion of the Indian Ocean and its crystalline blue water islands. A place ideal for experiencing the exotic wilderness of this African destination and immersion in the Swahili culture.

That’s why some tour operators identified this need and began to search for quiet places on Earth. But is that all travelers and you as a tourism business need?

Of course not, so let’s dive into this new travel concept.

Designing a Pin Drop Travel Experience

According to Portico’s Travel Trend Report released in April 2022, “experiencing something new,” “returning somewhere I love,” and “adventure” are the top three reasons travelers want to travel in 2022. Moreover, there is an increase in willingness to travel to a quiet place and relax at a destination while connecting with other cultures and trying local food. 

By seeing this report, we can measure what we know instinctively. Yet, as travel companies, we need to choose the destinations carefully by considering their uniqueness or pristine level. Then, it’s important to evaluate local destinations and international sites that can fulfill the need for calmness. 

Up to this point, you may be asking how you can design the best Pin Drop experiences, can’t you?

Don’t worry! Here are some key points to keep in mind while designing the journeys:

  1. Inventory and rank destinations’ calm and noise contamination levels. It will help travelers have a reference and a comparison option of the sites and properties. 
  2. Identify and rank the level of natural uniqueness, isolation level, and possibilities to do self-guided or guided activities.  
  3. Evaluate the design of digital detox travel experiences to help the traveler unplug from the vertiginous way of life.
  4. Analyze how you can combine the local culture within the journey to enrich the travel experience in a meaningful way. 
  5. Don’t forget to offer local and meaningful gastronomy experiences
  6. Personalization is the success key


Benchmark and get inspired by these Pin Drop Travel Experiences

If you’re asking yourself, which are some of the Pin Drop trips that international tour operators are offering up to this point. Don’t worry! Here are some examples of travel experiences you can find online.

  • Bhutan: A 15-day tailor-made journey focused on trekking experiences combined with cultural immersion to one of Earth’s remote and hardly accessible destinations. 
  • Lofoten Island: A 6 day-day road trip journey to the Norwegian archipelago where the islands are connected by several roads and bridges while offering a self-paced trip with accommodation in traditional fishing villages.  
  • Uluru: A 17-day bespoke trip to the heart of Australia’s aboriginal culture in a campsite combining culture, wilderness, and other secluded beaches and rainforest.

As you can see, the key to this travel trend is combining seclusion, culture, quietness, and self-paced or guided journeys, all with a touch of personalization and ensuring sustainable practices. 

We recommend reading this article about becoming a disruptive thinker, which can help you think outside the box and find innovative ideas for crafting trips. 

Keep in mind these travelers’ needs when designing Pin Drop Experiences

The first things you need to consider before looking at some Pin Drop Travel offers is that:

  1. Travelers are craving a GOAT experience
  2. Travelers looking for a luxury trip evolved and shifted their needs. 
  3. Sustainability is vital for travelers nowadays.
  4. Reimagine your tourism offer while working close to the local communities. 


Access the PDF here

An additional piece of advice is to not stick-on international travel experiences. By looking with the right mindset and clear goals, you can begin the journey to devise local pin drop experiences thanks to local communities; they are vital for accessing secluded destinations and offering meaningful cultural immersion. 

Please let us know your comments about this travel trend, and if you consider this article valuable, share it with your peers, they may find some inspiration as well.