Micro-travel or micro-cation appeared on the radar before the pandemic, mainly due to tight corporate holiday rules worldwide or a shortage of vacations. Also, because of the economy and lack of spare money to invest in a long trip once a year. Nonetheless, the global pandemic of 2020 awoke us and reframed our priorities to live our lives and don’t delay our needs, especially those that calm our craving for traveling, rebounding this trend among travelers.  

Thus, according to Allianz Partners USA’s 14th Annual Vacation Confidence Index, a quarter of Americans will take “Multi Micro-Cations” this summer 2022 (Cision PR Newswire). But, what can this trend come across in travelers’ behavior nowadays? Let’s find the answer soon in this article. 

What’s a micro-cation, and why is it a trend?

A micro-cation is a leisure trip lasting no more than four nights, traveling at least 100 miles (161 km) from home to better understand the places around us in a slower, safer, and less-frantic manner.

As Hyundai states, micro-cation is finding beauty along the way, no matter how close your destination may be because what really matters are the memories we can create along the way. 

According to Allianz’s report, micro-cations are becoming a trend among Millennials and Gen-Z travelers from 18-34 years old. It also indicates that aside from the 53% of American travelers willing to take a micro-travel within 2022, 23% of travelers expect to take more than two micro-cations this year. Indeed, 7 out of 10 American vacationers are planning at least a four-night trip


Travelers spending behavior ranges from $606 per night for one night trip to $323 per night on a four-night journey. Hence, the budget becomes lower as soon as the trip extends, with a limit of around $1,200 per micro-cation. Nonetheless, the desire to take multi micro-cations increases the annual budget for this type of trip.

Multiple trips are a way to satisfy the desire for travel Americans have without spending lots of money and time at once.

Why are micro-cations popular among under 40 travelers?

Micro-cations “are typically tacked on to a work trip, a long weekend, destination weddings, reunion or similar” (Staah.com). Thus, this travel trend fits perfectly with bleisure travelers (business + leisure travel) up to their 40s looking for a stress buster in a few days. 

Micro-travels allow people to make the most of their paid leave, especially during weekends, while incentivizing people to travel more often and to more places.

Six steps to catch travelers’ attention with micro-cations

  1. Spread the message among your current clientele, especially during the holiday seasons, by highlighting the benefits they will get by taking a short getaway to selected destinations.
  2. Prepare unique products and packages for the holidays and market them with plenty of time to connect with their travel sentiment.
  3. Leverage loyalty programs to attract the attention of micro-cationers, with a particular focus on business travelers.
  4. Offer them opportunities to recharge and rejuvenate through health and wellness facilities or retreats as the trip’s main goal or as an add-on. 
    • Travelers want to feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe
  5. Focus on enhancing local experiences and attractions by partnering with local businesses to showcase the destination while supporting local development.
    • Beach holidays on pristine destinations.
    • Food city breaks.
    • Tours of historical sites. 
    • Mini-moon with the wedding. 
  6. Don’t forget to offer outstanding customer service. We all know how important it is. 

Download the infographics here

The cravings for traveling, feeling free and relaxed with a meaningful sense of connecting with the destinations and their inhabitants, drive the travel sentiment among people. 

The global pandemic taught us that life is now, and it’s for leaving it. Hence, for people still tight to a corporate vacation policy, especially in the US but not limited, the option of taking multi micro-cations is the best way to get the most of their free time and adapt to their budget.

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