While the world was paralyzed by COVID-19, some adventurers never stopped their wanderlust and decided to take a family cruise vacation in a difficult time for humanity, but full of much hope and family togetherness at the same time.

Bellow, we want to tell you about the great adventure of “The Halls”, an English family that has dedicated themselves to traveling the world on their own yacht called “Kathryn del Fuego”, and who decided to venture out on a fantastic 10-day tour (Santa Cruz, Isabela, Santiago, Fernandina, Bartolomé, Rabida and North Seymour) aboard our “Eco-Galaxy” Catamaran, during its passage through the Galapagos Islands.

a family of travelers

“The Halls”, Kathryn, Hugo Félix (5 y 7 years old) and Russell, Photo taken from: www.hallsaboard.com


After arriving at the Galapagos Islands in April, they decided to pause their own adventure and join the first departure of our boat the Eco-Galaxy Catamaran, after the quarantine for covid-19.

The Hall family had been looking for a unique experience in the most famous archipelago in the world, however, due to the health emergency we were experiencing at the time, it was very difficult to do so.

However, they were able to find a great deal, and yes, it was at the Eco-Galaxy! Well, they had caught its attention the fact of being able to go over the Galapagos Islands in the only ecological catamaran in the entire archipelago with a capacity for 16 passengers only.

traveler practice paddleboard in galapagos

Photo taken from: www.hallsaboard.com


“A vacation within a vacation, I can’t tell you how excited we are to sleep in proper beds, have hot showers, and have someone kindly cook for us … and of course to see all the amazing animals!” Kathryn said, on the blog where they document all their experiences.

See it in full, click here (www.hallsaboard.com).

The Hall family was very lucky, the Galapagos had reinvented itself after a long quarantine, and all animal species were more curious than ever to meet new visitors.

We must not forget something very important, and of course, like nature, we have also reinvented and implemented new biosecurity protocols on our boats, to offer an unforgettable and safe experience in the “new normal”.

At this time, we are not all ready to travel yet, however, if you can do so, we invite you to visit the “Enchanted Islands” aboard our available cruises, and to discover the wonders of the most famous natural laboratory in the world.


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