After one a half-year of borders closed due to the pandemic, Argentina will reopen its borders for tourism and international travelers, among other southern countries too. Fortunately, tourism stakeholders will have the opportunity to “fully” reactivate their activities towards the summer season in the south. They were pledging for it!

Argentina’s strategy focuses on repositioning the country as a global destination to reconnect to cultural experiences, live the adventure, and welcome diversity. The first step the Argentinian government is taking is easing the entry requisites for international travelers after a strict policy that isolated the country from March 2020. 

Firstly, the country reopened its ground borders on September 27, 2021. The only two open checkpoints were the Paso Cristo Redentor that connects Mendoza Province with Chile. The second one was the Tancredo Neves bridge at the Iguazú region, connecting with Brazil. 

However, from November 1, 2021, international airports will reopen their borders allowing international visitors to enter the country for tourism purposes by following these requisites (source: 

  • Vaccination certificate with the two doses completed. 
  • A negative PCR test from 72 hours before the travel or doing an antigen test at arrival. 
  • Take another PCR test within 5-7 days after the arrival. 
  • Travelers with not vaccinated children can enter the country following a quarantine period. 
  • Health insurance with COVID-19 coverage.

Those who are not vaccinated must comply with: 

  • Seven days quarantine.
  • An antigen test at arrival.
  • A PCR test on day seven after their arrival.
  • Health insurance with COVID-19 coverage.


5 unwinding places to visit in Argentina


The second step of the Argentinian strategy for rebounding international tourism was relaunching the country worldwide as a diverse destination to travel, participating in the first international travel fairs during the pandemic, and renovating their tourism website Here, Argentina promotes some activities and experiences not to be missed by international visitors. 

Considering the wide range of tourist activities the country offers, let’s mention some of the must-visit places for people looking for unwinding. 

The force of water in nature takes our breath away.

Imagine walking along the 67 hectares of nature walking paths that take you to several lookouts, but without a doubt, the Devil’s Throat with 82 meters can be the protagonist and should be a must-stop of your visit. Not in vain, the Iguazú Falls is a Seven Wonders of the World thanks to its 275 waterfalls that showcase the force of nature.

The eye-candy of the colorful mountain in the middle of the desert

Seven colors in a hill, top-notch gastronomic experiences, cultural richness, and friendly vibes are the experiences you can live in at Purmamarca, Jujuy. El Cerro de Los Siete Colores will take your breath away by astonishing your sight at the same time this desertic region welcomes you with open arms.

The hidden spot for adventure in the Patagonia Argentina

There’s no better place to unwind than in Argentinian Patagonia. On the southern side of the South American continent, there’s a place to let the adrenaline take us while breathing pure air and enjoying eye-candy landscapes.

Villa Traful is one of the hidden spots in Patagonia, ideal for adventure lovers. And for those looking to reconnect with nature, you must-visit Mirador del Viento, Bosque Sumergido, the Catarata waterfall, and Traful lake in Neuquén.

The Patagonian natural sites to visit close to Bariloche

Feel the Patagonian scenery and energy, at El Bolsón, nearby Bariloche, Río Negro. Here, forests, rivers, and lakes like El Paraiso, a swimming turquoise hole on Río Azul, will surround and help you to reconnect with nature. This region offers you a series of greenish and blue landscapes ideal for disconnecting us from our digital dependence.

The gigantic ice mass that let us feel the austral vibes

There is no better place to experience turquoise landscapes than the Perito Moreno Glacier at Los Glaciares National Park, Santa Cruz. Among other natural wonders destinations like the Galapagos islands or Torres del Paine National Park, many travelers dream about walking, feeling, and sighting this mass of ice of 5 kilometers long and 60 meters high. Perito Moreno Glacier can be the zenith of your trip across Argentina to discover some of the most iconic natural wonders in South America.

But this is just a small selection of what you can live in Argentina, a multicultural, motley, and diverse destination in South America. Moreover, other southern countries are reopening their borders in October and November, like Chile and Uruguay, respectively, by following these requisites per country. 

Chile (Source:

  • Borders reopened on October 1, 2021. Entry requisites for international travelers:
    – A negative PCR test took 72 hours before the boarding date.
    – Register the vaccination certificate at for getting a “Pase de Movilidad.”
    – 5 days of quarantine in the address declared for those travelers with a “Pase de Movilidad” (certified vaccination card) or seven days for those not vaccinated.
    – Those staying in a hotel must not leave the room, or in the case of staying in a house, all of the house’s residents must comply with the quarantine. 


5 unwinding places to visit in Argentina


Uruguay (Source:

  • Borders will open on November 1, 2021.
  • Entry requisites for international travelers:
  • A negative PCR test took 72 hours before the boarding date
  • Vaccination certificate with the two doses applied.
  • No quarantine required.
  • Younger than 18 years old not vaccinated must quarantine for 14 days.


5 unwinding places to visit in Argentina


Thankfully, southern countries are reopening their borders and letting international travelers enjoy and reactivate the tourism industry, representing a high-income stake for their economies. In the meantime, Argentina focuses on repositioning itself worldwide as a safe and convenient travel destination. Nonetheless, many other continents have been open since mid-late 2020, like Ecuador, Colombia, and Costa Rica. Thus, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay have to work hard to strengthen their reliability among international travelers, but they are open to the world again.